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Cooling Tower Hire

Modular Cooling Tower Rental

At Aggreko, we have a wide range of air cooling towers available for hire, ideal for Industrial purposes. Our temperature control and cooling tower fleet can be sized and customised to suit your needs.

Our cooling tower equipment ranges from 2,500kW through to 10,000kW and can be combined to achieve multi-megawatts of cooling capacity.

We Can Meet Your Cooling Tower Requirements

Our Aggreko technical team can support any cooling tower requirement that you may have. Our specialised design team of engineers can also tailor our fleet of air cooling towers to suit your business. Our cooling tower range can be used to cool products and provide supplemental condenser water cooling.

Our cooling tower range can be used to cool products and provide supplemental condenser water cooling.

Please click the following link to view our cooling tower case study: cooling tower case study 

Our cooling tower fleet helps industrial plant customers recover from existing cooling tower failure in both planned and emergency situations. Each cooling tower can also augment and/or supplement cooling water flows and provide cooling for planned system turnarounds.

At Aggreko, our technical staff can guide you through the right cooling tower solution for you.

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