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Temperature Control Rental

Industrial Heating and Cooling System Hire

Customers use our industrial heating and cooling system hire for both standalone heating/cooling facilities and for process augmentation, when additional cooling capacity can provide improved operational efficiency and throughput in existing plants.

Aggreko values the need to ensure that your situation is fully understood. Our globally developed problem solving knowledge and approach demonstrates our willingness to go beyond an industry standard mindset and traditional service levels.

Aggreko has the world’s largest fleet of chillers (water or air cooled), cooling towers, industrial air-conditionersindustrial heaters (water or air), dehumidifiers, heat exchangers, pumps, buffer tanks and ventilation fans for hire, backed by the support of numerous local locations across Australia. 

Our industrial heating and cooling systems range from small portable units for internal use, up to large cooling towers capable of delivering multi-megawatts of cooling capacity. All systems can be run as standalone packages powered by Aggreko generators or can utilise site power. We also have an extensive range of distribution boards and transformers available.

Aggreko’s technical specialists are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to deploy and service equipment, monitor performance and ensure outstanding service.

Temperature Control Hire - Industry Usage

Industries which frequently use Aggreko heating and cooling systems include:

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Temperature Control rental - Australia

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