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Loadbank Hire

Test Your Power Supply with Loadbank hire across Australia

At Aggreko, we can provide you with the loadbank solutions to thoroughly test equipment across Australia. We understand how important it is to have the correct load test solutions and we have the skills and knowledge to assist you with your load testing projects. Not only will we provide you with top of the line loadbanks but we will also offer ongoing engineering, commissioning and operational support.

Loadbank hire at Aggreko varies from small to multi-mega watts with various power testing abilities and additional fleet for support such as power generators.  Aggreko has a complete line of AC resistive and reactive loadbanks for rent and our wide range of equipment guarantees we have the perfect loadbank to suit any industrial requirement. In addition, our loadbanks are also available in DC configuration. These are capable of accepting voltages of up to 240V. Transformers in most cases are containerised and are supplied complete with over current and short circuit protection on the HV breaker.

In addition to our extensive range of loadbanks, Aggreko also has a vast selection of multi-tap transformers for rent which are fitted with high voltage switchgear and protection.

Why Hire a Loadbank?

  • Testing of a generator load
  • Synchronising checks and proof of load-sharing equipment
  • Hot restarts
  • Proven protection scheme

Benefits of Loadbank Hire

  • Rapid availability of equipment at short notice
  • Achieve cost effectiveness through loadbank hire and prevent risk of contract penalties due to delays
  • No uncertainties as the equipment ownership, service and repairs remains with Aggreko

For more information on how our loadbanks can provide a solution to your business need, please contact Aggreko today.

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