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Emergency Planning Guide

Emergency Power Rental

When most of us think about business continuity problems, we tend to imagine the headliners - floods, fires, earthquakes and cyclones. Despite this, it’s often the mundane occurrences that have the greatest power to catch the unwary organisation off-guard: half your staff could come down with flu, your IT system could crash with a computer virus or there’s a power cut.

Regardless of the nature or scale of the emergency, power outages pose a very real and increasing threat to business continuity. Severe weather conditions all too often bring down power cables, causing interruptions to supply and it is not unheard of for road workers to sever underground cables, cutting off power to surrounding buildings.

Emergency Power Generation

Do you know the power requirements of your business in the event of an emergency? Do you have critical processes that require continuous power? What is the cost to your business of not knowing the answer to these questions?

Aggreko can assist with a free-of-charge Emergency Planning Guide. Meet one of our experts, establish a relationship with a reputable power provider and know you’ve positioned your business for continuity in the event of a disaster.

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