Crucial Chilling Solution During Vintage Season

Crucial Chilling Solution During Vintage Season

The challenge to the customer

The award-winning Yealands winery at Blenheim, New Zealand was established in 2008. During the vintage season, more than 20,000 tonne of produce has to be harvested very quickly. Over a three-week period, it is vital to have the right equipment and people on-site when bringing grapes from 1000 ha of vines. 

Operations run continuously throughout the vintage season and precise temperature control is a crucial factor for success, as heat is a catalyst for the fermentation process that converts the carbohydrates in the grapes into alcohol. Slow, controlled fermentation preserves the character of the grapes, but if the process proceeds too quickly, it can ruin the flavour of the wine. During the vintage season, Yealands needs extra refrigeration capacity to snap chill the grapes and keep those process vats without chillers cool enough.

Temporary chilling solution

Aggreko installed a reliable and effective temporary chilling solution during the vintage season: a large tank cooled by a 600 kW chiller with a 30 L/s pump moving glycol around the system. This topped up the site's cooling capacity and offered redundancy for peace of mind during the critical weeks of the vintage. A 500 kVA generator was used to power the chiller and a separate fuel cell was brought in to ensure that the generator could run uninterrupted for long periods.

Benefits to the customer

The Aggreko rental model helps businesses like Yealands smooth out the fluctuating demands of seasonal or crop-based  processes. This means operators can cover peak demand times without paying for equipment that is unnecessary during quiet periods. At the winery, Aggreko enabled Yealands to make use of tanks without chiller capacity and so increase process capacity without capital outlay.

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