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Victorian Bushfires Case Study

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Following a period of uncharacteristically high temperatures across Victoria in February 2009, a series of bushfires were ignited and spread around many towns northeast of Melbourne. Exacerbated by gale force winds, the fires devastated many homes, businesses and essential services. Power lines were burnt by the fires or knocked over in high winds, removing access to utility power for both local residents and emergency services alike.

Power Generator Hire - 24/7 emergency response

An emergency camp was established which operated a 24 hour rotation to lend assistance to those who needed it. The camp required power to run electronic infrastructure and computer systems, as well as provide lighting for evening operations. In addition, individual temporary bases were established for several of the emergency services organisations responding to the disaster, as well as a common marshalling area for all emergency services.

A separate, temporary generator power station was set up to reinstate domestic power for those homes without it; ensuring basic provisions were accessible to residents. In total, Aggreko provided over 20 individual power generators to the various camps, bases, marshalling areas and the domestic power station, along with fuel management facilities and technicians on hand to ensure the continuity of power at this critical period.

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