Aggreko Opens New Premises in Fiji

Aggreko Opens New Premises in Fiji

March 2012: Suva, Fiji – Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control services, will open new premises in both Suva and Lautoka as part of the strategy to grow localised support across the Pacific region. The new facilities incorporate commercial offices and equipment storage yards.

Aggreko have been active in the Pacific for a number of years. This presence was further strengthened in April 2011 with the acquisition of NZ Generator Hire, at which point Aggreko took responsibility for a number of local contracts in Fiji. The opening of these two new centres further extends Aggreko’s commitment to support local businesses requiring temporary power generation, air-conditioning and chiller services.

“Industries such as mining, film and television production and building services have power requirements which are growing as these industries expand in the local market. Aggreko is ready to support this growth by working directly with customers or through supporting the national utility to cover times of high power demand,” said Asterios Satrazemis, Managing Director, Aggreko Australia-Pacific.

The new premises at Suva and Lautoka are situated strategically to cover east and west sides of Fiji’s main island, allowing quick deployment of services to Suva’s businesses, and ready support from Lautoka to nearby industry. Both premises will carry a range of generators, from 15 kVA trailer-mounted units to 1250 kVA containerised gensets capable of supplying multi-megawatt power solutions. In addition, temperature control fleet including spot coolers will be available for hire.

“The availability of temperature control fleet will provide invaluable extra capability for companies looking to expand their operations or planning temporary shutdowns of their temperature control infrastructure as it means operations can continue uninterrupted,” said Philip Lendich, General Manager, Aggreko New Zealand and Pacific. “The local operations will also allow Aggreko to quickly mobilise fleet in the case of breakdowns or emergencies.”

The new Fiji facilities are scheduled to open on the 1st April with fleet available for hire immediately.

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