Power and Temperature Control Temporary Solutions for Utilities

Utility Power Generation

With experience second to none and fleet that is equipped to respond to any power generation and cooling requirement in the utility industry throughout Australia, our comprehensive service extends to power generation as well as transmission and distribution.

Aggreko is able to provide temporary power generation as required during large or small constructions in the isolated areas across Australia.

We have over 50 years experience in delivering power generation solutions such as supplementing base multi megawatt load power, peak shaving and transformer change outs during planned or unplanned maintenance. In addition, our temperature control equipment can assist in effectively improving the bottom line or managing work environment needs.

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Power Generation in the Utility Industry Applications:

  • Supplementing power generation and distribution capacity during periods of high demand
  • Temporary power generation during planned maintenance or unplanned outages
  • Peak shaving or peak lopping
  • Transformer change out
  • Power for construction and commissioning new capacity
  • Load banks for testing generators and power systems
  • Injection of cool air into substation transformers
  • Cooling towers to manage thermal discharge

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