Chiller Hire for Facilities across Australia

Chiller Hire for Facilities

Chiller hire remains to be an important aspect of facility management. Today managers are tasked with maintaining facilities at peak levels of performance regardless of the circumstances. Often unpredictable challenges can leave the facilities open for costly risk and this is where chiller hire can offer some relief. Aggreko can offer necessary rapid support across chiller hire, generator hire and other heating and cooling applications. 

We continuously offer the benefits of using the chiller hire to decrease risk when access to facilities is a priority. In addition, our large range of power generators and industrial heating and cooling combined with the locations across Australia we can eliminate maintenance requirements and costly breakdowns.

Chiller Hire and other Power Applications:

  • Temporary chillers and air handlers to supply extra cooling capacity in case of a breakdown
  • Specialised heating and de-humidification systems
  • Peak Lopping
  • Mobile power generation
  • Utility-grade power for either standby or continuous power applications
  • Emergency power
  • Engineering support
  • Planned annual maintenance
  • Stand-by power

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