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Innovation - Power Generation and Temperature Control

Innovation in product development is a key part of Aggreko’s strategy. We believe that our history of building and adapting new technology has:

  • Reinforced our hard-to-copy strengths
  • Improved the efficiency of our products to market leading levels
  • Reduced the impact of our products on the environment
  • Built a capability that is unique in our market.

Sustainability is a natural part of our product strategy because:

  • Making our generators more efficient means that they use less fuel and therefore create fewer emissions. Many markets that we work in have regulations that stipulate reducing emissions over time.
  • We have designed engines and canopies to meet and beat the regulated targets and we continue to make improvements to generator emissions and fuel efficiency performance; these upgrades are then rolled out across the fleet to reduce our average emissions per generator.
  • We want our engines to last as long as possible so we not only design and build them to last, but we also have a refurbishment programme that extends the life of the products and improves their performance to the latest standards.

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